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Until 1991, apart from local elections, Timperley residents and shoppers had very little say in what was agreed, approved, added or removed for the Village by the planning and other departments of Trafford Borough Council. Early in March 1991 a number of like-minded persons met and agreed that they would try to form a society from which consensus views could be obtained, regarding matters of concern to residents and shoppers alike, and then subsequently to act as a corporate voice, if and when making representations to Trafford M.B.C., so as to enhance the lot of the Village, its residents and users. The Society would be completely independent from political parties. 

In June 1991 TIMPERLEY VILLAGE CIVIC SOCIETY was formed, a constitution prepared and adopted and a committee elected. With both committee and newspaper publicity, additional membership was sought from local residents and other interested individuals. In September 1992 the name of the Society was changed to TIMPERLEY CIVIC SOCIETY so that the whole of Timperley was embraced by its activities.

The Society was formed to help ensure the highest standards for the development of Timperley and its environment, for the benefit of its residents. The objects of the Society are to promote and encourage the following by charitable means but not otherwise:

(a). To encourage high standards of architecture and town planning in Timperley. 

(b). To stimulate public interest in and care for the beauty, history and character of the area.

(c). To encourage the preservation and improvement of features of general public amenity or historic interest.

(d). To foster a spirit of village pride.

The Society keeps a regular watch on planning applications relating to the whole of the Timperley area and makes comments where necessary, and takes up concerns of residents which are of general relevance. Committee members regularly attend meetings of the Altrincham Neighbourhood Forums, and, in the past have worked on the various drafts of the revision of the Trafford Unitary Development Plan and the subsequent Public Inquiry into this. Following the intervention of the Civic Society changes were made to the plan. For details click on Trafford Unitary Developement Plan on the left. The Trafford Unitary Development Plan has now been superceded by the Trafford Local Development Plan:DPD1:Core Strategy. Much of the information mentioned in the Unitary Development Plan is included in the Local Development Plan Core Strategy.

In addition the Society holds regular open meetings of local and general interest.

The Committee meets once a month, usually on the last Tuesday of the month. If there are any matters which you would like the Committee to deal with please complete the feedback form below. Meetings open to the public are held from time to time.
See Forthcoming Events.

To find out more about the Society, including how to join (subscription £10 per person per year, Corporate £20 per year) or interested in becoming a Sponsor. Then send an e-mail by completing the feedback form below and click Send. The more members the Society has, the greater strength it has when it corresponds with the Local Authority or other bodies.



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What's NewAbout UsYour Committee MembersOpen Meetings and EventsSeptember 2016 NewsletterFriends of the SocietyImage Gallery